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A World for AmayaSora2992

No matter how many of these things I fill out, they never seem to get any easier... Ah well.

My name is Emily, and I'm 21 years old, and a 2013 graduate of Washington College with a degree in English with political science and creative writing minors. I am currently working at a local newspaper, which I view as the first of many steps in my journalism career, leading to eventually working for one of the big name newspapers or magazines.

So, I'm a big news junkie, print mostly but some television as well. In addition to helping me in my work, I think politics is genuinely fascinating, and I also think it's important for everyone to do their civic duty by staying informed and voting appropriately. That's one of the things I think journalism can and should do, inform people about issues without all the spin and bias we see so often now. More than that, it should inspire people to act, to care about their country and, more importantly, their fellow man. I still think it's possible for the profession to regain its noble purpose, but only through hard work and concerted effort by a LOT of like-minded individuals.

Anyway, I love current events, but not just politics. My liberal arts education has really impacted me in that I love to learn about everything, from psychology to zoology to astronomy to technology to history and even math if the mood strikes me. So I am always trying to learn new things and relate them to what I already know.

Aside from that, you'll probably find a lot about writing/books, because I'm a nerd and those things are such a big part of my life. I am a creative writer as well as a professional one, so I will probably be talking about that as well. My love affair with writing began in elementary school. I remember essay contests, including the first one (actually, the first competition of any kind) where I one something occurring in second grade. Then, my fifth grade teacher introduced me to "real" literature and also to creative writing in the form of workshops. In middle school, I went through a play-writing phase, thanks to a performing arts camp I attended for several summers. I also dabbled in poetry, something that has continued up until the present, although I mainly write prose and feel that I am much stronger as a prose writer than a poet. Most recently, I've discovered creative nonfiction and the art of journalistic writing, which I hope to study further and hone the skills necessary to succeed in my career path. I was named one of the 5 Sophie Kerr Prize finalists my senior year of college, which was so validating for me in that it affirmed my ability and my passion.

I also have cystic fibrosis, a serious genetic condition affecting my lungs and digestive system. It can be scary at times, and it definitely means certain policy topics are closer to my heart than others. I am also guided daily by my Christian faith (I'm a proud ELCA Lutheran), and so I like to explore questions of theology and morality, and just more ways to live more like Jesus wants us to.

I also like more "normal" things like cooking, talking to friends or hanging out with them, going to various events like fairs, festivals and, recently, concerts and plays, just randomly surfing the 'Net, playing games, and dancing/singing/playing the violin.

Oh, and for the curious: "AmayaSora" means "night rain sky" in Japanese. She's my Internet persona that I adopted in middle school when I went through my anime phase, and she's held a special place in my heart ever since.